Civil War Confederate General Robert E Lee Gun Knife Crossed Swords Pin Box Set


This is a "Robert E. Lee" Confederate General commemorative gun-shaped folding knife, complete with holster sheath and beautiful wooden display case. PayPal Only. No Returns

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Confederate Maj George Pickett General CDV

Confederate Army Civil War General Service Officer Buttons 10 Pieces NEW

Conte ACW57132 Robert E Lee GENERAL CONFEDERATE American Civil War pewter

Original Brick General Lees HQs Confederate Bullet Seminary Ridge Gettysburg

W Britain Civil War Confederate General Robert E Lee Item 17922


Confederate Reunion Louisville Ky 1905 General Joseph E Johnston

Most Hallowed Ground, 1864
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D. H. Hill - The Confederate Angel of Death: Lee's Fighting General
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THIS IS A 2ND EDITION OF THE BOOK “LEE’S FIGHTING GENERAL” (WRITTEN FOR STUDY AT SECONDARY EDUCATION LEVEL) - a riveting narrative and serious historical study of the nineteenth century’s most legendary {and obscurely studied} fighting General – D. H. Hill! This nonfiction biography provides an epic recount of his role in the two most litigious events of the American Civil War; Lee’s Lost Dispatch and the Controversy at Chickamauga! This 2nd edition of Lee’s Fighting General draws from obscurity the personality of the Confederate Angel of Death – Lieutenant General Daniel Harvey Hill {CSA}; providing a gripping and original study of Lee’s legendary “fighter from way back” while invoking vivid memories of our nation’s bloody and fratricidal civil war. This 2ND edition “D. H. Hill – The Civil War’s Angel of Death” has been edited to facilitate serious historical study of the Civil War era by high school and undergraduate students while the 1st edition “Lee’s Fighting General” is geared for post-graduate level research and study. The sounds of clashing bayonets, thunderous cannonades and withering volleys of musketry echo thunderously through this brilliant motif, recounting with great specificity and historical accuracy the events of a bygone era - when legendary men as Robert E. Lee, ole “Pete” Longstreet and D. H. Hill, facing insurmountable odds, gallantly responded to the echo of a distant bugle and “charged” into history’s desperate and bloody civil war battles. “A must read for students of civil war & military history” This captivating motif immerses the reader in a suspense-filled drama that rivals even the greatest Civil War literary novels of fiction, yet its compelling narrative is told with such historical precision and specificity that it stands noteworthy of higher level institutional study of war. Beautifully illustrated and comprehensively researched from the official archives of both armies, the events of a bygone era are validated with historical precision and accuracy as the Fighting General’s namesake recounts his iconic life from cradle to grave. So fix bayonet, load your musket, move at the double quick and charge into history with Lieutenant General Daniel Harvey Hill – aka – “Lee’s Fighting General”

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